Education and Teaching

Education and Teaching

Learning Excellence

Be equipped to think, teach and lead professionally in a variety of educational settings through Columbia International University’s educational degree programs.

Learn to tap the tremendous opportunities available in the field of education as an educator, planner and leader. At CIU you will get the professional training you need to prepare yourself to excel. You can become an educational professional, possessing the skills to go above and beyond in the field of learning and teaching.

The degree programs are based on a philosophy of education that approaches both the means and the ends of learning through instructional strategies, curricular content, concise knowledge, skills and dispositions. Columbia International University’s unique intercultural foundation prepares you to think in culturally responsive ways within increasingly diverse classrooms.

In this program, we want you to:

  • Pursue your passion as a teacher, and dive deep into the courses of teaching, alongside with the psychology of children and theories.
  • Analyze patterns of current problems with teaching, as well as finding out the most efficient way to lead a classroom and organize yourself with proper schedules and timing.
  • Explore your desired subjects in greater detail, allowing you to equip yourself with advanced knowledge of educational subjects.

CIU’s College of Education offers state approved teaching programs at all levels. For more information, visit College of Education.

Education and Teaching Degree Programs




Benefits of a CIU Education Degree

  • Highly Engaged Classes: Taught by professionals, the classroom environment involves driven professors to teach you relevant and effective information in the educational field.
  • Global Impact: CIU contains a diverse student body, which allows for opportunity to biblically educate worldwide.
  • Networking Opportunities: You will have increased marketability, allowing yourself for plenty of job opportunities in the future from any educational organization.
  • Transfer-Friendly Programs: From any college, from anywhere you are at, we provide transfer-friendly programs that allow you to enroll from where you left off.
  • Personal Growth and Self-Esteem: You will find yourself in a deeply rewarding experience through this degree, allowing yourself to polish your presentation skills and social interactions with students who will become part of your valuable career network.